Albert Chmielewski

Albert Chmielewski

Professional Headshot of Dr. Albert Chmielewski

Albert Chmielewski was born in Kolobrzeg city in Poland on February 10th 1984. His parents moved to Szczecin city shortly after his birth to study. Albert’s father obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering and his mother a Master’s degree in Polish. Albert lived in Poland for nearly 10 years before coming to the United States.

Shortly after moving to the United States, Albert started 4th grade knowing minimal English. By the end of the year, he could communicate at a 1st grade level. Albert continued working hard to learn English, and ended up graduating high school with honors.

After high school, Albert attended WSU for 1 year and subsequently KU for 4 years, where he graduated with a B.A. in Biology. Afterwards he began working multiple jobs to finance med school and gain experience in the healthcare field. In 2009, after two years of hard work, Albert got into medical school at Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland and began studying medicine. He decided to attend school in Poland because it was more affordable, however, everything was taught in English and the medical degree was accredited essentially worldwide including the United States. 

Albert completed his family medicine residency in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Afterwards, he moved to Kansas City for work at Shawnee Mission.

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